1. 10 days following a white path through the Meseta Desert #camino #liedowninthedesert #day2

  2. Day 16 we walked from our albergue in the abandoned monastery Hospitale de San Anton to a small town called Boadilla across the Meseta Desert #camino #meseta

  3. Clouds pointing towards Santo Domingo, 24 kilometres away. A white path winding through a green pine forest for hours finished at a monastery attached to a church where we slept for the night #camino #spain #pilgrims

  4. This is Tom and Piers heading down the mountain from CirueƱa to Santo Domingo. 219 kilometres we’ve walked since leaving France, with only 580 to go until Santiago :) The dormitory last night was 102 sore, delirious pilgrims having the time of their lives. We’re part of a loud, hilarious Camino family who walk until we’re broken and laugh until we cry

  5. Last night we walked into a town in northern Spain called Los Arcos, tired after a 26 kilometre hike from the last village. About 2 hours later we were running down narrow streets being chased by bulls and hiding under grandstands while insane bulls charged around the arena after drunk Spaniards. El Camino baby! Right here is a bull pausing before attempting to gore men and women who dodged its huge horns by centimetres

  6. Alto de Perdon at the end of an 800m climb. 26 kilometre hike today, feeling fresh in Puente la Reina. Almost cracked 100 kilometres since we left St Jean on Sunday, just an easy 700 to go!

  7. #camino #somewhereinnorthernspain

  8. The Camino, halfway through day one. You can see St Jean in the far distance where we started. To reach Roncevaux we climbed 1400 metres up and over the Pyrenees for a total distance of 27.1 kilometres. The border crossing into Spain was guarded by a flock of sheep and an ancient church. That night we stayed in a medieval monastery that has been converted into a 200-bed dorm


  9. Peregrinos (Pilgrims)

    Nowadays humans only use cars to travel,
    Scared their body and feet would unravel.
    With two friends I strapped on some hiking shoes,
    We walked out of a quaint town without a clue.
    Into the countryside of southern France,
    The trudging uphill put me in a trance.
    The big picture is an 800 kilometre struggle,
    France to Spain, just our bags to smuggle.
    The border is hills and valleys for miles,
    Painful bodies, beautiful smiles.
    Mountains are greener, the breeze so sweet,
    People so friendly, every nationality you meet.
    We’ll put one foot in front of the other
    Our minds positive, our backs tougher.
    Our world in our packs, we march together,
    Towards the horizon, onwards forever.

  10. St Jean Pied de Port, or ‘Saint John at the foot of the mountain pass’, is a village next to the Pyrenees on the French border. The Camino de Santiago leaves from this town, an ancient pilgrimage path winding over the mountain range and all the way to the west coast of Spain. Through hills, valleys, across rivers and through medieval towns, together with Tom and Piers I’ll be walking this path for the next month and a half :) One foot in front of the other for 791 kilometres, beginning at 7am tomorrow.. Buen Camino! (at St. Jean-Pied-De-Port)

  11. Le Tour Eiffel, Paris. August 7th. A thunderstorm hid the Eiffel Tower for a few hours, but when it cleared we saw this great view down the gardens with thousands of tourists out taking photos and having picnics in the sun (at Paris)

  12. Hamburg, I miss you already

  13. Stormclouds rolling in today over the Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

  14. Paris sunset this evening. Took this on our walk home from the Louvre. ‘Home’ for this week is an attic in an old building over-looking a cemetery