1. thomclaughlin:

    Watercolour using espresso coffee#siena #torre #ilcampo

    my mate did this using espresso as a watercolor


  2. The Bees Cast Shadows by Jonno Ereaut

    The bees cast shadows when flying above

    Fluttering between flowers, the pollen they love.

    This garden a collage of colors majestic

    A riot of bees and insects never resting.

    The grass a carpet of daisies proud

    Seemingly a bee paradise, no humans allowed.

    The grass is greener this side of the world

    Helped all the more by these wonderful girls.

    Viola, Marieke and Sina are so kind

    Their positive vibes positively influence your mind.

    Volksdorf, outside Hamburg, is a perfect perfect place

    There’s no stress, no pressure, no panic, no race.

    Just a few lovely girls who threw us a party

    Fantastic time preparing a meal so hearty.

    Quick-wit, spice-of-life, yolo-ness they hold

    Exploring this fairy-tale Northern Germany with them? I’m sold.

    Our appreciation can’t fully be shown through ink

    Enjoying every moment, won’t hesitate, won’t blink!

  3. Royal Palace, Dresden, Germany

  4. Rome

  5. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

  6. The Coloseum, Rome

  7. Sunset over River Tiber, Rome

  8. Jewish Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

  9. Wednesday was our first sleep in a bed since saturday. Airport floors, sidewalks, hotel lobbies, starbucks, we grabbed sleep anywhere. Tommy drew this in Victoria Station yesterday when we could barely keep our eyes open

  10. Berlin Wall, with Tom and Jack

  11. Florence, Italy

  12. Berlin Wall at sunset

  13. Il Duomo, Florence, Italy

  14. Siena, Italy
    We gatecrashed a huge party hosted by a horseracing team who won the annual Il Campo, a race around the central square of Siena. Up winding streets then through a restaurant’s back door we found the greatest party in Europe. Incredible night in an incredible city :-)

  15. Florence the Magnificent